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This is us! We are a dynamic team that currently consists of around 30 individuals covering software, hardware and process development as well as product and project management and supply chain functions.

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Get to know some of our exciting characters and learn about what drives them in their daily work:


Electronics Developer

What excites and motivates me the most is that we are literally working towards a more sustainable world by increasing our customers’ energy efficiency and reducing their CO2 emissions. This is very important to me personally, as I am interested in sustainability and renewable energy. That’s why I am also privately working on a DIY energy/water/gas monitoring system and a small solar power plant for myself and my shared flat.

There is a growing need to have more control over energy use in general and we can provide a solution to that. The demand for energy monitoring and saving is exploding right now, which makes this area really exciting and makes me curious to see where we will be in a few years.

Best of all is still our team and colleagues. Everyone is doing their best to work towards our goals and support each other on the way there. Together with this highly motivated, young and growing/agile team, we have the feeling that we we will really be able to make a difference.


Data Scientist & Software Developer

As a data scientist and software developer at Munit Solutions, I work on machine learning algorithms, which will allow us to use measurement data from electrical sensors installed at our customers in the best way to optimize their energy expenses while reducing their carbon footprint. I also support our software development team with setting up the necessary infrastructure to be able to route this data to our web application.

The most exciting thing here at Munit Solutions is the great team I have the pleasure of working with. A team that believes in the project we are working on and knows how to have fun and appreciate each other’s potential.

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