Reach your CO₂  targets,
reduce energy consumption
and cost.

Your next level energy efficiency solution.

As a service partner Munit Solutions supports your organization with energy management solutions that enables you to contribute to environmental protection & reach your CO₂ targets.

Due to the digital energy manager you will understand your local situation & possibilities to save energy consumption & costs.


  Take part in tomorrows world & invest in your companies sustainable future!


Product Details

The way we work

Acting by understanding. Understanding by seeing.

As a digital energy manager, ecorize supports you with understanding your local energy consumption. By understanding your companies situation & your needs we define a smart measuring concept.

By selecting the most suitable measuring hardware we can provide an intelligent sensing concept for your application, collecting all relevant raw signals in your energy consumption.
In order to assure that you can make use of your energy management system at full scale, we carry out the complete installation and implementation process.

Having your data securely stored in the cloud we are able to provide you the best insights into your organization’s energy situation. The ecorize insights software gives you a clear picture to understand losses & saving potentials for your application.

By deploying data analysis and discovering saving potentials – munit helps you to go ahead & ecorize your companies energy situation!
Our service team accompanies you on your complete energy journey!

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